Fellowships at Code for Venezuela

Code For Venezuela leverages technology towards working in initiatives with social impact in Venezuela. We believe that technology has immense potential to accelerate the pace of innovation and social progress. We are committed to having a social impact by working closely with organizations that understand the most pressing needs that require urgent action.

How does Code for Venezuela work?

We are engaged in multiple projects, and you can learn more about our work here. So far, our main focus has been in providing reliable and accurate information about the humanitarian crisis by a data platform that offers key insights that improve decision-making in non-profits.

We're Looking for the
Next Generations of Technologists

We want to have an active role in growing the next generation of technologists in the country.

As part of that role, we are proud to offer a fellowship program where people can level up their programming skills while working on projects with social impact.

Currently, we are looking for people that are interested in the following roles:

- Data Engineering
- Data Science

Learn from our highly skilled members in tech

  • One of the biggest strengths of Code For Venezuela is that many of our members are highly skilled professionals that are experts in their fields. You will get the chance to learn and work with them on complex problems.
  • You will be using your skills to have an impact on one of the most complicated crises that Latin America has faced.
  • Connect with professionals and companies in the tech industry that could help you advance your career.

Erika Antiche

I volunteered for Code for Venezuela before we launched our fellowship program, and I helped onboard our first student.

This has been an incredible experience for me, Code for Venezuela has been a space for growing my industry skills as a developer, and expanding as a mentor.

The experience to work with very talented senior colleagues and very motivated students has been invaluable. I am always impressed and admire how fellows evolve and leave Code for Venezuela armed with industry skills and experience.

I absolutely love this project as we are assisting Venezuelan graduates, whilst building professional experience and having fun.

Our Past Fellows

  • We're helping develop the future talent of our country.
  • Not only will you work on exciting impactful engineering projects, but you will also gain real-world experience for future jobs. Past fellows emphasize how important this fellowship was when they received job offers.
  • Here's a snapshot of a few of them:

Alvaro Avila

Code for Venezuela has been a cornerstone of my Data Engineer career. Guided by the lead engineers in the organization, I've learned a lot about the newest booming technologies in the professional environment, using them to actively help the Venezuelan crisis.

You feel the support, and attachment that each member has for the organization. More than a group of people, Code for Venezuela brings together developers to be part of the same family, helping each other to grow and collaborate in projects of high impact nationally and internationally.

Working with Code for Venezuela has been one of the most incredible experiences as a programmer. I think it will become the main community of Venezuelan developers to share & learn the most interesting technologies & skills in the Computer Engineering world.

Fernando Rodriguez

Working with Code for Venezuela was one of the best experiences of my life.

The fact of being able to learn from excellent professionals and contribute to a greater good is a feeling that is difficult to describe. Code for Venezuela is an organization made up of people with a lot of human and intellectual quality, who are interested in helping make change.

Thanks to these people, the last 5 months represented a huge change in my life. Many goals were achieved and I grew a lot personally and professionally.

Thank you very much, Code for Venezuela!

Additional Information

  • Applications will be accepted and reviewed from July to September 2021.
  • The accepted candidates (up to two), will receive an allowance of 500$ per month for a part-time position and 1000$ per month for a full time position.
  • The duration of the fellowship is six months.


Hear From Past Fellows

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