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Code for Venezuela is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together technologists and innovators who care about Venezuela leveraging their talent and network to solve the most pressing needs of the country.

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Anyone that shares our values and mission is welcome to join our community, if you are interested in collaborating, let us know.

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If you a part of a nonprofit organization and have a project in mind, we would love to hear from you.

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Brief History

We're just getting started

Dec 2018
Group of friends started to meet to form an organizations that could seat at the intersection of social good and technology.
Feb 2019
The group officially started to work together with the aim of putting together an event to kick-off the community.
First Hackathon
Apr 2019
The community expanded and a hackathon of three days happened in more than 8 cities and 300 participants around the world.
Working Sessions
Summer 2019
The community continued to work on the most promising projects that were created in the hackathon. Meditweets and Blackout trackers evolved and were taken to production.
Angostura Project
Fall 2019
Code for Venezuela started to develop a platform to support decision making based on data analytics. Focused on non-profits working on the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis.
OSF Grant
Summer 2019
The organization got a grant from Open Society Foundations to continue to invest in the Angostura Platform and to consolidate the network of volunteers in the group.
Generating Impact
Expanding our impact by making sure that more organizations can benefit from the solutions we are working on.
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