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Code for Venezuela is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to bringing together technologists and innovators who care about Venezuela leveraging their talent and network to solve the most pressing needs of the country.

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Anyone that shares our values and mission is welcome to join our community, if you are interested in collaborating, let us know.

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If you a part of a nonprofit organization and have a project in mind, we would love to hear from you.

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Simple effective tech to connect communities in crisis

The world is more connected than ever, but some communities are still cut off from vital resources like electricity and health care. In this solution-oriented talk, tech activist Johanna Figueira discusses her work with Code for Venezuela.

Brief History

We're just getting started

Dec 2018
Group of friends started to meet to form an organizations that could seat at the intersection of social good and technology.
First Hackathon
Apr 2019
The community expanded and a hackathon of three days happened in more than 8 cities and 300 participants around the world.
Angostura Project
Fall 2019
Code for Venezuela started to develop a platform to support decision making based on data analytics. Focused on non-profits working on the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis.
Covid19 Screening Bot
Spring 2020
@CovidVzlaBot is a chatbot that helps screen people in Venezuela for COVID19 (Coronavirus) and provides helpful information vetted by our partners Médicos por la Salud.
Spring 2021
What started as an early COVID-19 diagnostic tool has grown into a more comprehensive telemedicine solution with nearly two million visits in the last six months and more than 5,000 people assisted by doctors via the chat.
Fellowship Program
Fall 2021
Program where Venezuelan students get grants to work on projects in the organization. This program was launched from a partnership with Moonshot and OSF
501(c)(3) Status
Fall 2021
We can formally raise funds, and establish formal relationships with other organizations.

This big achievement required a significant effort from many people in the organization.
Generating Impact
Expanding our impact by making sure that more organizations can benefit from the solutions we are working on.

Impactful Work

Our work continues to be recognized across national and international media. Here, Nasdaq applauds our efforts with their Times Square billboard in New York.

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