About us

Code for Venezuela is organizing the Venezuelan diaspora and leveraging their connections with the Silicon Valley technology ecosystem to leapfrog technology adoption and entrepreneurship in Venezuela.

We believe we can tap into the immense human capital of our diaspora and funnel it towards effective initiatives that align with the needs of the country.


We are focusing our efforts in three areas where we can have a huge impact using technology:

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

  • Talent Development.

  • Technology Infrastructure.

Current Initiatives

Info Sessions

We are organizing a series of events convering topics of interest related to Venezuela. These serve to connect the Venezuelan community and create awareness about the current situation of the country.


We are organizing a series of hackathons. To make sure we are addressing real needs and that projects developed during the event have continuity, we partner with NGOs and local organizations that need help with technology.

Mentorship Program

Every week we connect entrepreneurs, students, and organizations based in Venezuela with our network of mentors from Silicon Valley to support them in their areas of expertise.

Upcoming Events